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Kirsty Campbell writes fantasy novellas inspired by the warrior culture of Beowulf and heroic poetry from the Middle Ages. She lives in Montreal and teaches at John Abbott College. She taught medieval literature at Yeshiva University in Manhattan and Bishop's University in Lennoxville. Her PhD and MA are from the University of Toronto. Her BA is from McGill University.

At a feast in Beowulf, warriors drink ale, celebrate victory, and listen to stories about heroes and legends. Among these stories is a tale of a bitter feud and a queen named Hild, now reimagined by Kirsty Campbell in her novelette, BLOOD-SIREN. 


A reimagining of the tragic story that has inspired authors from the Beowulf poet to Tolkien, BLOOD-SIREN will be featured as an “Adaptation/Retelling” in a brand-new Beowulf translation that’s coming out next year by the Oxford scholar who currently occupies Tolkien’s old post.

Readers will be immersed in the coming-of-age story of a girl who possesses magic and is driven by vengeance. When she falls in love with a queen named Hild, she must decide whether the cost of avenging the dead is worth it.

Blood-Siren is for everyone who loves fantasy, especially YA readers who crave stories about Odin and heroic culture, but want to see female protagonists wielding power.

With a voice called “Tolkienesque in its feel” on Peter Cox’s Litopia, with “beautiful writing,” according to ‘New Zealand’s Stephen King,’ horror author Lee Murray, I SONGS OF THE BOUNDLANDS will enthrall readers of all ages.

The Boundlands Map.jpg

Folksongs from the story are set to melodies composed by Kirsty and available on Spotify!

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